Rules for Staying Young

By admin February 22, 2014 Anti-Aging

First, nobody who wants to stay young should smoke. This cause internal and external wrinkles and introduces cadmium, a toxic heavy metal, into the system as well as the free radicals, toxic byproducts of oxygen, which many scientists believe accelerate aging. They can cause mutations in DNA and implicated and inflammatory conditions, degenerative arthritis, cancer and alterations in the immune system, but can be neutralized by eating green vegetables and taking natural HGH products such as Provacyl, With which they combine readily and safely. If you’re interested in products such as Provacyl, you can visit the Provacyl website here.

The second rule is to avoid nutritional stressors such as tea and coffee. ‘These do you no good at all,’ said Dr de Winter. ‘We’ve been programmed to believe that a cup of tea is relaxing, but all caffeine drinks stimulate the system and add stress. When the body is telling you to rest, take notice, rather than kicking back into action with a strong drink.

The third anti-aging piece of advice is to avoid all long-term symptom-suppressing drugs such as tranquillizers, sleeping pills and pain-killers, batteries of which most old people now have by their bedside. ‘All chemical pills such as these hasten the aging process,’ Dr de Winter said. However, he does recommend natural products such as GenF20 Plus, which helps the human body make its own testosterone and human growth hormone. You can read more about GenF20 Plus at this product review site.


And finally, avoid all hard drugs of addition. This includes alcohol. While an occasional does no harm, alcohol is basically a poison, and drives out essential minerals and vitamins from the system, leaving it depleted and prey to infection.

Dr de Winter believes the question of heredity is a ‘beautiful excuse’. ‘Cancer, for instance, runs in families, but so does the way we live. I think it is more likely that bad habits and bad examples are passed on, rather than actual genes which make us age quickly.’

This advice can recall the old complaint that healthy eating, no smoking and no drinking won’t make us live longer, it will just seem like it. However, Dr de Winter says: ‘It’s a question of motivation. Those who seriously want to stay young will heed the advice.’

The biggest factor by far in youth preservation is attitude. ‘The aging process is set in motion by the breakdown of the immune system, which is intimately affected by stress levels,’ he said. ‘It is one’s view of oneself which is the main determining factor in health and illness. I have observed so many times that those who are self-pitying, defeatist and melancholy are far less likely to recover than cheerful, outgoing individuals. Those who don’t, won’t. Strange as it may seem there are people who actually prefer to be old and decrepit.

You are young so long as you wake up in the morning and your body is silent, not complaining in any way. It is always a good sign if you don’t know where your vital organs are. It means they are not playing up.

Take Your Medicus Driver on Your Next Golfing Holiday

By admin February 7, 2014 Medicus Driver

Swedish professional golfers have made their mark on the world’s greens recently and the country now has about 350 golf courses, 100 of which have been built within the past year. But how many of us would consider a golfing holiday there?

A large number, is the hope of Ake Larsson, the director of a new company called Stay and Play, which arranges tailor-made golfing holidays throughout Sweden from April to September. Accommodation, on a bed and breakfast basis, is at 4-star hotels, with an abundance of Scandinavian atmosphere.

My trip began in the pretty town of Mariefred, about 90 minutes’ drive from Stockholm airport. The Gripsholm Vardshus hotel in Mariefred is the oldest in Sweden. The rooms are individually decorated in Gustavian style, and beautifully presented food is served in a dining room which has views of the castle and bay. The Gripsholm golf course, opened in 1993 on land that once belonged to the King of Sweden, has been designed around outcrops of prehistoric mounds, which means a lot of healthy walking between some of the holes. I would like to play the course again in about five years when it has had a chance to mature. But, with the tight fairways and plentiful water, I did not find it easy, even after practicing with a Medicus Driver.

From Mariefred our party travelled to Soderkoping (about two hours away) on the Gota canal, linking Stockholm and Gothenburg. Here we stayed at the Soderkopings Brunn, one of the oldest health spa hotels in Sweden.

Soderkopings golf course, which has 14 dog-legs, is a 6,537-yard woodland course which opened in 1987. From the 6th tee, you have a fine view of the Gota canal, lined with summerhouses.

Our third round was at Norrkopings Golf club (half an hour from Soderkoping), established in 1928, which is well-suited for a player who uses the Medicus Driver. This is a peaceful 6,495-yard course, similar to Soderkoping but more mature, with oaks and junipers creating a challenge, especially around the greens, ten of which are elevated. There is less water than at Gripsholm and Soderkoping, but out of the three courses this is the most enjoyable to play on.

Even though last summer was Sweden’s hottest for 30 years, the fairways could not have been in better condition. All three courses have excellent water-sprinkler systems to prevent them drying out.

The country is clean and fresh, and not as expensive as it used to be, and the Swedes are extremely hospitable. The places we visited are suitable for couples or families, golfers and non-golfers. If you want nightlife as well, the luxurious Fagelbrohus Hotel and Golf Club in the Stockholm archipelago, or Gullbringa Golf and Country Club in Gothenburg, are ideal.